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    After years, or maybe it could have been days of thinking about it, I’ve finally entered the world of multi-monitor gaming. Three monitors to be exact.  This was all kicked off by some bargain priced 20inch monitors from Bestbuy for an astonishing $98 each. An awesome deal by any measure. Unfortunately, the rest of the project wasn’t so cheap as chips.

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  • Aion open beta

    First off, all the following is based on the open beta.

    Without a doubt, Aion is a very pretty game.  I personally enjoy the graphical style of these asian MMO’s.  It reminds me of Lineage 2 and Guild Wars and probably a slew of other F2P games out there.

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  • robo arm

    Ok, it seems like we’re really nearing a point where mechanical objects can replicate human movements more precisely and much faster than humans.  This is a video demonstration of a highly dexterous robotic hand performing some simple tasks but at really high speeds. Read more…

  • Gundam trash
    This is a bit of a sad story.  Apparently the mother of a 29 year old man living in Japan (Kasai City) threw away his prized Gundam collection without his knowledge.  When he got home and couldn’t find his robot army he apparently lost it, poured kerosene in his room and set it on fire.

    It was an attempt at suicide which he couldn’t carry through since he and his 55 year old mother survived.  The house wasn’t so lucky. It burned to the ground.

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  • Technology 17.08.2009 No Comments

    Western Digital TV may be one of the best, and cheapest alternatives to getting your anime or digital media onto your TV.  For $99, it’s cheaper than Apple TV, and comes with about as many features and decoders.  It’s pretty much plug-and-play, and beats watching your import anime on a little 19″ LCD monitor.

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  • norton
    I was walking through my Best Buy when I saw this on shelf.  So is this supposed to protect me from some kinda virus from Cobra?  Will it protect me against other non-Cobra related threats?  What if I like Cobra?  But really, I’m not sure slapping on a piece of current pop culture hotness is the way to go about conveying how serious you are about blocking malicious viruses. Seems silly… Norton must be silly.

  • ponyo
    Story – A little fish girl comes out of the sea and wants to be a human.  She is rescued and befriended by a boy who vows to protect her.  But they must endure a test if they wish to be together.  It sounds dark, cute, fantastical and will probably carry that Hayao Miyazaki feel.

    Miyazaki films are moving pieces of art.  I’m not sure how else to describe them.  Every story feels like a fable, canvassed with a soft eastern motif.  If I sit in front of a Studio Ghibli film, that’s it, I’m there for the duration.  They are simply wonderful escapes.

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  • Food 07.08.2009 No Comments

    Didn’t really have time for a proper lunch yesterday so I ran out and grabbed an instant noodle.  It was $2.89 and felt pretty heavy.  The noodle pack is nice and think and not the dehydrated stuff, so it almost taste like it was from a restaurant.
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  • tokyo-gundam
    I’m sure most have heard of the life sized Gundam that was erected in Tokyo, but did you know it could be used as a giant karaoke machine?  Seriously, it puts on a laser light show and everything!

    It’s also part of a project to raise funds for the city of Tokyo to rehabilitate some of the common green areas of the city in time for the 2016 Olympics.  Only the Japanese would prepare for an event that’s still seven years away and do it the only way they know how- by building robots.

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  • FF-X2
    Was rummaging around looking for some cables when I came across my Final Fantasy X-2 game CDs.  Funny thing is, I don’t even have a Playstation 2 anymore so I’m not sure why I still have the CDs.  Maybe, down deep inside I just can’t get rid of Yuna and gang.

    Another reason could be I’m saving the game to finish one day.  I can always get another PS2, but I can’t be guaranteed I’ll find the game again.

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