• Aion open beta

    First off, all the following is based on the open beta.

    Without a doubt, Aion is a very pretty game.  I personally enjoy the graphical style of these asian MMO’s.  It reminds me of Lineage 2 and Guild Wars and probably a slew of other F2P games out there.

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  • FF-X2
    Was rummaging around looking for some cables when I came across my Final Fantasy X-2 game CDs.  Funny thing is, I don’t even have a Playstation 2 anymore so I’m not sure why I still have the CDs.  Maybe, down deep inside I just can’t get rid of Yuna and gang.

    Another reason could be I’m saving the game to finish one day.  I can always get another PS2, but I can’t be guaranteed I’ll find the game again.

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  • Aion, a very pretty game indeed.
    Aion, a very pretty game indeed.

    I spent a weekend on and off playing a closed beta version of Aion: Tower of Eternity, and I have to say it’s a very pretty game. In fact, it may be one of the most visually appealing MMO’s out there. The art direction is very consistent with the standard anime feel of most eastern developed properties.  The style of armors and weapons are reminiscent of Lineage 2, another NCSoft game.   And the terrain visuals are grand and inviting.  The whole world just has that “giant amusement park” feel to it, and you can’t wait to run around and hop on the rides.

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kurou: i was in awe when i saw these pics. such exelent focus! i was the guy with the face mask [...]

Otakukon: Argh, stayed up too late watching some K-On, again.

Otakukon: Playing Aion closed beta.

Otakukon: Registered for Zenkaikon! I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday. Should be a great con!

Gaijin Otaku: Fish balls. Yummy.

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