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    After years, or maybe it could have been days of thinking about it, I’ve finally entered the world of multi-monitor gaming. Three monitors to be exact.  This was all kicked off by some bargain priced 20inch monitors from Bestbuy for an astonishing $98 each. An awesome deal by any measure. Unfortunately, the rest of the project wasn’t so cheap as chips.

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  • Technology 17.08.2009 No Comments

    Western Digital TV may be one of the best, and cheapest alternatives to getting your anime or digital media onto your TV.  For $99, it’s cheaper than Apple TV, and comes with about as many features and decoders.  It’s pretty much plug-and-play, and beats watching your import anime on a little 19″ LCD monitor.

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  • Technology 04.08.2009 No Comments

    As an Otaku, I have a healthy obsession with technology and all things shiny and new.  I also love industrial design, which I have to say, this new mouse by Elecom is just about the most industrial designy thingy I’ve seen in a while.

    They’ve dubbed it the Scope Node precision mouse.  What Elecom has done is off-set the location of the laser to the side of the mouse, as opposed to the traditional center of the mouse.  They’re claiming that it’s more natural to the user, thus creating greater precision in use.  It’s a unique idea and I’m not sure why no one has thought of it before.

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kurou: i was in awe when i saw these pics. such exelent focus! i was the guy with the face mask [...]

Otakukon: Argh, stayed up too late watching some K-On, again.

Otakukon: Playing Aion closed beta.

Otakukon: Registered for Zenkaikon! I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday. Should be a great con!

Gaijin Otaku: Fish balls. Yummy.

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