• Aion open beta

    First off, all the following is based on the open beta.

    Without a doubt, Aion is a very pretty game.  I personally enjoy the graphical style of these asian MMO’s.  It reminds me of Lineage 2 and Guild Wars and probably a slew of other F2P games out there.

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Latest on Wed, 08:59 am

kurou: i was in awe when i saw these pics. such exelent focus! i was the guy with the face mask [...]

Otakukon: Argh, stayed up too late watching some K-On, again.

Otakukon: Playing Aion closed beta.

Otakukon: Registered for Zenkaikon! I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday. Should be a great con!

Gaijin Otaku: Fish balls. Yummy.

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