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    robo arm

    Ok, it seems like we’re really nearing a point where mechanical objects can replicate human movements more precisely and much faster than humans.  This is a video demonstration of a highly dexterous robotic hand performing some simple tasks but at really high speeds.

    Anyone remember the scene from Ghost in the Shell where this guys fingers pops into multiple fingers to do some super duper tying? It’s kinda like that, but it’s not an anime. It sitting in some lab in some underground fortress or something.

    So how long before we start putting together all these disembodied robotic arms and legs and heads together to form a robot human?  And how many milliseconds will it take for said robot to determine humans must be enslaved?

    By the way, sorry for the lack of  posts as of late but I’m working on upgrading the site with more functions and I’ve been busy lately with non-Otaku photography.

    Posted by Otakukon @ 10:34 am

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