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    As an Otaku, I have a healthy obsession with technology and all things shiny and new.  I also love industrial design, which I have to say, this new mouse by Elecom is just about the most industrial designy thingy I’ve seen in a while.

    They’ve dubbed it the Scope Node precision mouse.  What Elecom has done is off-set the location of the laser to the side of the mouse, as opposed to the traditional center of the mouse.  They’re claiming that it’s more natural to the user, thus creating greater precision in use.  It’s a unique idea and I’m not sure why no one has thought of it before.

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    Sometimes, being an Otaku means easing on a few expenses so you can divert funds towards your hobby.  And sometimes those diversions of funds come from your food budget… which can be bad for a few reasons.

    One, you’re more likely to fill up on the dollar menu or some other fast food alternative- the least healthiest of choices.  Two, fast food isn’t really that cheap, so you’ll actually spend more money.  Three, learning how to make simple meals yourself is an important life skill that any Otaku should know.  Let’s face it, we’re a long way from having a persocom cook our meals.

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  • four

    Ok, like most of Japan I was waiting for my K-On! fix every week this spring.  After-all, it’s not like there was anything else to watch, was there?  So if you’re the odd Otaku that hasn’t watched K-On! yet, get to it.  I promise it won’t be a waste of time, unlike reading ANYTHING about Sarah Palin.  Life is too short for stupid, and not long enough for more moe.

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  • intro
    The earliest anime I can remember watching when I was a child was G-Force: Battle of the Planets.  I found out later in life that it was re-branded and originally called Gatchaman.  It looks pretty dated now, but in the 80’s it looked amazing.  In fact, G-Force was what prompted me to draw, or at least put me on the path of being an artist.  You see, I was taunted by some boys when I tried to draw the Phoenix, which was their main ship.  I was taunted a lot.

    I cried.

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    In my search for anime clubs in the Philly area, I was a bit dismayed to find only a handful. And of those handful, there seemed to be even less active members that participated.  Now, it could be that I’m missing some mega anime club in the area that also doesn’t have a webpage and holds their meetings in a secret lair, but I don’t think so.  I think more to the fact, Otaku may just not be very social creatures by nature.  But in my search I was able to find one group that seemed to have an outing planned… and it was pretty fun and very social.

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    Just a fun video of Saturday at Otakon 2009. Enjoy.

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    made me smile

    Wow, what a great Otakon!  There didn’t seem to be as many cosplayers this year around, but there sure were some amazing ones.  Memorable moment: giant Starscreem towering over con goers.  Seriously, that thing was huge, redica’ huge.  Oh, and the Bleach gang, nice shot!

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    Arrived home from Otakon a little while ago, and my legs are about to fall off.  What can I say but wow.  A lot of great cosplayers just seemingly having a great time.  I’m going to expedite my photo processing as quickly as I can, so check back to see if they’re loaded into the Otaku Gallery.  And thanks to everyone that I took a pic of!  In the mean time, here are some sample images below.
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  • Aion, a very pretty game indeed.
    Aion, a very pretty game indeed.

    I spent a weekend on and off playing a closed beta version of Aion: Tower of Eternity, and I have to say it’s a very pretty game. In fact, it may be one of the most visually appealing MMO’s out there. The art direction is very consistent with the standard anime feel of most eastern developed properties.  The style of armors and weapons are reminiscent of Lineage 2, another NCSoft game.   And the terrain visuals are grand and inviting.  The whole world just has that “giant amusement park” feel to it, and you can’t wait to run around and hop on the rides.

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  • july-15-2009-001

    Welcome to my first posting!  I just want to welcome anyone here that’s interested in anime or certain facets of the Japanese culture, such as sushi and anything with Sony stamped on it.  I’ve been an avid watcher of anime since I was oh, really young.  Young enough to wake up at 6am in Vancouver Canada and sneak downstairs, fire up the old Zenith TV and watch Starblazers.  It was glorious. People died in it. No one died in Carebears… it was a bit of a shocker, and I was hooked.

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